• name:
    • appolyon
  • species:
    • pokefusion (arcanine/shedinja)
  • age:
    • ???
  • pronouns:
    • he/they
  • sexuality:
    • gay
  • height:
    • 6'7"

appolyon's is nova's more serious roommate. he spends a lot of his free time building model kits and watching any mecha anime he can get his paws on. he's often frustrated by nova being. well. nova, but he enjoys nova's company despite what he might let on. he's also begrudgingly (/lh) friends with alphonse, who helps appolyon loosen up a bit from time to time. appolyon also responds to polly, but only accepts this nickname from close trusted friends. anyone else who uses it won't be taken too kindly to!


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