• name:
    • assbag (can you tell i made him in high school)
  • species:
    • cat? (demon)
  • age:
    • ?? (uncertain but adult)
  • pronouns:
    • he/they/it
  • sexuality:
    • unlabeled
  • height:
    • 5'7"

assbag is a troublemaking demon who loves spending time with his friends pooter and bacon. he's loud, rude, crass, and very mischevious. his hobbies include enabling pooter's antics and causing no end of grief for bacon. otherwise, he tends to spend his days loafing about, too lazy to really make anything of himself. every now and then though, he likes to take on a different form and go out and have some fun. fun, in this case is pulling pranks on clueless mortals! you may think a demon like assbag would have no weaknesses but there's one thing that's always vexed him: child safety locks. no matter how hard he tries, he cant wrap his head around these infernal contraptions.


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