• name:
    • axel
  • species:
    • protogen
  • age:
    • 22
  • pronouns:
    • he/him
  • sexuality:
    • gay
  • height:
    • 5'11"

axel lives in an apartment he rents with spec, who he met through a post spec made online asking for someone who was willing to share an apartment to save on rent. he enjoys alien movies, fashion, energy drinks, and loud music. he talks a big game, but in reality he's actually a huge dork (and he may also have a fucking massive crush on spec...). maybe someday he'll act on that totally-not-a-crush and ask spec out. but for now, axel will just enjoy their company and listen when they talk about the latest urban legend about so-and-so monster prowling the streets at night.


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