• name:
    • bacon
  • species:
    • honey slime
  • age:
    • ?? (uncertain but adult)
  • pronouns:
    • they/them
  • sexuality:
    • unlabeled
  • height:
    • 5'9"

bacon is a simple honey slime who is just trying to mind their damn business. unfortunately for them, their friends pooter and assbag would rather do anything but. bacon spends a lot more time and energy than they'd like keeping those two in line, but when they've got some time to themself they like to sit down on their apartment's balcony with some tea and read a good book (especially during the warmer parts of the year!). bacon's favorite season is the hot season, since the honey that composes their body thins out and they can move easier and have more energy. for similar reasons, they hate the cold season; it makes them sluggish and tired.


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