• name:
    • gossamer
  • species:
    • tigerbee
  • age:
    • 22
  • pronouns:
    • any/all
  • sexuality:
    • pansexual
  • height:
    • 6'1"

gossamer is an outgoing and energetic individual, who loves urban exploration and old abandoned buildings. he's known to be a bit of a klutz who has a habit of getting himself into sticky situations, so his friend colby made him a robot glove with various features to help them out when they inevitably go off on another adventure, including things like gps and a panic button, in case she gets herself in a situation that even a cat couldn't wiggle out of. aside from exploration, gossamer loves bugs, especially beetles with shiny shells. his hobbies include singing karaoke, bothering colby, and gardening (but he's kinda terrible at it).


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