• name:
    • orion
  • species:
    • dragon
  • age:
    • "22"
  • pronouns:
    • he/him
  • sexuality:
    • pan
  • height:
    • 6'1"

orion is a bold and confident dragon. he's connected most to the stars in the sky, and maybe because of this, he loves to fly. if he isn't spending time with his friends, he can usually be found soaring alone through the sky, lost in thought as he follows the clouds. he says it clears his head and keeps him grounded. he also enjoys staying up late, listening to music and playing games online. he and kami are thick as thieves, and when kami isn't spending time with her partner skye, you can be sure shes goofing off at orion's place. orion also spends a lot of time with argo, who he usually watches movies with.


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