• name:
    • skye
  • species:
    • angel (takes the form of a winged sheep)
  • age:
    • ???
  • pronouns:
    • any/all
  • sexuality:
    • lesbian
  • height:
    • 6'2"

skye is kami's more soft-spoken partner and roommate. an angel who originally came down to the mortal plane to learn more about mortals, she met kami and quickly fell in love with her bright personality. skye is a bit naive but ultimately well-meaning, and often tempers kamis high energy. she often finds herself butting heads with assbag and malpho, and is wary of malpho's bondmate mida, due to her ill-gotten powers. otherwise, she enjoys the company of dex and argo. during her free time, she likes to enjoy a cup of tea and a good book, often by a sunny window.


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