• name:
    • spec
  • species:
    • chimereon
  • age:
    • 21
  • pronouns:
    • they/them
  • sexuality:
    • bi
  • height:
    • 5'9"

spec lives in an apartment they rent with axel, who they met through a post they made online asking for someone who was willing to share an apartment to save on rent. their interests include urban legends and folk tales, horror games, and collecting weird trinkets. they're energetic, outgoing, and passionate and will talk at length about their interests to anyone willing to listen (this often ends up being axel, but he doesn't mind). spec may be an avid fan of horror, but they're jumpy as all get-out, and hate cheap jumpscares because of it (although they'll insist it's only because they're low-effort and require no skill).


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