things i like

here's a little bit about some of the stuff i really love (hover over the images to learn more!)


i love this album so fucking much. like genuinely. look at the sky especially, i think its one of my favorite porter robinson songs. the line "i'll be alive next year" is so fucking important to me

ghost is just a very fun song i think! i love it a lot :) its a breakup song yes but its also fun to dance to and it makes me happy :)

god i fucking love mystery skulls. freaking out is just SUCH a banger and its another song that makes me wanna get up and dance. one of my favorite mystery skulls songs for sure

stream food house. i am not asking. butterfly knife goes crazy goes stupid i love it so much. i wanna sing it at the top of my fucking lungs


earthbound is so so so important to me. the game's message, that love heals all and simple acts of kindness can change the world has always stuck with me. ness also says fuck 12, 10/10 game

i just fuckin love madness combat. off the walls bonkers combat, banger soundtrack, and just a cool as hell storyline. any game that lets me kill guys by zapping them so hard their heads explode is a 10/10 to me :)

OKAY FINE I LIKE FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN ITS A GOOD GAME OK. i love the art style, the soundtrack is banger, and its also pretty damn funny sometimes! i also love the creativity of the modding scene. i love me a good rhythm game :)

wheatley my blorbo wheatley my beloved wheatley my babygirl ♥♥♥ i am so normal about him ♥♥♥ i could genuinely go on and on about him, hes such a good character to me. wheatley was just as much a victim as chell and glados and i will DIE on that hill